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Shadows - Ghazal Album
Album Title : Shadows - Ghazal Album
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Album Code : A233
Album Details :
Singers : Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi
Lyricist : Quaisar -Ul-Japri, Nasir Quazmi, Shahazad Ahmed, Darab Bano Wafa, Jamil Qureshi, Kalidas Gupta, Riza, Dr. Bashir Badra, Majid Ul Baqari, Dr. Prem Bhandari
Music Director : Dr. Prem Bhandari
Album Price () : 75
Album Price () : 2
Audio Release Date : 24 Oct 1992
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Title Singer / Lyricist / Music Director Play Price () Price ()
Sari Sari Raat
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Quaisar -Ul-Japri / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Jo Gufatani Nahi
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Nasir Quazmi / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Khat Me Kaise Likhoo
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Shahazad Ahmed / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Apni Beeti Hui Rangeen Javani
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Darab Bano Wafa / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Sune Sune Daro Diwar
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Jamil Qureshi / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Mera Kalam Sajan Ka Pata Likhta H
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Kalidas Gupta, Riza / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Yu Hi Besabab Na Fira Karo
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Dr. Bashir Badra / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Sapne Kee Vadee Ko Tajkar
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Majid Ul Baqari / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10
Ghar Me Bhaiya Hai Jaldi H Jana
Dr.Prem Bhandari, Bashobi / Dr. Prem Bhandari / Dr. Prem Bhandari
0 10

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